Starfish are  really=  not  complex animals. here are some quick facts-

Type: Invertebrate
Diet: Carnivore
Average lifespan in the wild: Up to 35 years
Size: 4.7 to 9.4 in (12 to 24 cm)
Weight: Up to 11 lbs (5 kg)
Did you know? Sea stars have no brains and no blood. Their nervous system is spread through their arms and their “blood” is actually filtered sea water.
therefore. they don't have a cardiovascular system!  

1. Central disk

  2. Arm

  3. Madreporite

  4. Ambulacral ossicles

  5. Endoskeletal plates

  6. Ampullae

  7. Coelom

  8. Anus

  9. Pyloric stomach

10. Cardiac stomach

11. Digestive gland

12. Gonad

13. Stone canal

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